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Theft [Femdom/TG/Feminization?] 
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Post Theft [Femdom/TG/Feminization?]
This is a weird story. All I can say is that one day a couple of months ago I had this idea, and it wouldn't get out of my head until I wrote it down. we go. o_o


He was thirsty. He'd been exploring too long; hadn't made it back to the creek. The water was extremely refreshing. Not worth the thirsty hour beforehand, but almost.

Water flowed down the broken wall, from the twisted-off pipe end, as it flowed day in and day out. He drank greedy handfuls, concentrating on slurping it from his cupped palms. That was why he didn't hear the footsteps until they were right behind.

He spun and pressed back against the wall, gaping. Someone was there, someone smiling. Larger than he, adult, fully grown in ways he didn't quite understand. Long brown hair, arms and legs that were somehow curved. Fleshy protrusions from the chest.

"Hello, young man." Voice different, higher, harmonics that were unfamiliar. And yet, something about this person struck a chord deep inside him. Part of him recognized what *she* was.

"Hello," he said. His eyes flicked up and down her body, and he reached up to gnaw on his finger. "Who are you?"

"You can call me Ven," she said. She hoisted up a black case and set it down on the ground, then leaned forward. Her hand reached out for the water, but then she glanced at him. "Do you mind?"

He shook his head, and she took a sip of water from her hand. Leaning back, she sighed. "Just the thing..." Her eyes moved back to him. "What's your name?"

"Jason." He glanced around, reflexively. "It's not my water, or anything. I just live around here."

"By yourself?" She smiled and sat down on the hard black case.

"Yeah. I used to live with some others but...there was a big fight..." He noticed that she wore worn white sneakers.

"I see. Jason, do you remember the Pre-War Times?"

"The Before Times?" He shook his head. "They told me I was too young to remember."

Ven smiled. "All grown up now, I see." Suddenly she reached forward, faster than he could react, and she grasped him.

"Hey!" Jason's eyes widened and then his back arched. A pulse of warmth flowed through him. She was, was rubbing him. There were waves of feeling flowing over him.

"How's that? Nice?" She was kneeling in front of him, smiling.

Jason shook his head. "I, they, they told me I wasn't supposed to touch it."

"Mmm, I'm not surprised. But it feels good, right?" She leaned forward. Her chest brushed up against his, feeling very soft. She pressed her lips to his and sucked a little. He panted and opened his mouth uncertainly, letting her guide him. After a few moments he pulled back, panting.

"What are you doing," he moaned. Now she was using both of her hands, reaching down to rub the dangling balls, using very careful touches.

"Don't worry, Jason," she murmured, kissing his chest. "It'll feel really good. Can we lie down somewhere?"

His sleeping towel was just around the corner. He lay on his back, and she straddled him, smiling. Now his member was standing up straight, straighter than it had ever been before. He watched as the folds of her sex parted and the head slipped in...

"Ohhhh!" Jason kicked his feet and bit his lip, his eyes closed. The warm softness was engulfing him. It was wet, too, slippery, but squeezing enough to keep hold of him. And then she began to move up and down..."Ahhhh!"

"Good," Ven murmured. Her hands gently pressed on his chest, holding him still as she bucked, that tight tunnel working quickly up and down, rubbing unstoppably. The sensations were building, like a fire building as they rubbed together.

"Yaaaaah!" Jason's head lolled as the pleasure overtook him. His mind vanished in the haze. He felt like he was leaning over the edge of a cliff, ready to fall...and explode.

"Oh, yeah!" Ven squeezed his shoulders and grunted, never stopping her movements. She squeezed him tightly inside.

It felt like his entire groin was throbbing with pleasure, then it tensed and bucked, moving on its own. He couldn't stop it, like a sneeze, but so much more. He put something inside her, he gave her every drop he could, squeezing it out.

And the sensations didn't stop. The fire intensified, sharp gleaming sliding over him. He moaned loudly, wordlessly, completely lost.

Then it subsided, and Jason only felt a dull glow and a curious emptiness. He panted softly and raised his head.

Below the bush of hair, his groin was smooth. He could just catch sight of a familiar slit. His breath quickened and he looked up at the woman.

Ven smiled and reached down. She slowly pulled something from between her legs; long and fleshy, with two dangling orbs. It hung limply in her hand.

Jason's eyes widened. He stared up at her, still panting. " stole it!"

"Yeah. I guess they didn't tell you." She moved back and knelt down by her black case. "Those people who raised you. They were all guys, right? They all had pussies. You were the only one of these."

Jason shivered and sat up. "Yeah...they would never tell me about it, though. Except, they said it wasn't *bad* to be different, but not to touch it..."

Ven chuckled. "In the Before Times, there were lots more people. All the men had cocks. But then, we figured out how to take them." She opened her case and Jason peered over.

Black fabric, with holes, indentations. Many of them had limp male members, each with attached testicles. They were all shapes and sizes, at least a dozen. Ven fitted Jason's into a hole near the middle; it was about average in size, but more tanned than most.

Jason stared at her. "But, stealing is wrong!"

Ven laughed and closed the case. "Haven't you ever heard that might makes right, kid?" She smiled and ruffled his hair. "Aw, don't worry. Someone was going to take it eventually. At least you enjoyed it, right?"

Jason reached down and ran a finger over the soft folds, then felt the small bud of his clitoris. His face screwed up. "But I...Wait!"

As Ven was standing up, he grabbed her leg. She glanced down at him, frowning. "Kid..."

"You can't just leave me," he whimpered, tears starting. "You can't steal something like that and just leave me..."

The woman stared down at him for a long moment. Then she sighed and brushed back her hair, looking away.

"Well...I can't stay here. If you want to come along, I probably couldn't stop you."

Ven looked down at his hopeful face and a smile tugged at her lip.

"If you're good, I might let you play with it every now and then."

Soon the pair were walking down the road, toward tomorrow.

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Post Re: Theft [Femdom/TG/Feminization?]
certainatly interesting. Always nice to see something new though. Nice job!

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