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A post I never posted 
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Post A post I never posted
*I was digging around my files and found this. It was a post that I was going to put on a thread on /d/ but I think the thread died or was deleted before I could get around to posting it. Plus it was long for a character limit in mind so that might have been part of it. But anyway I know a few people might like this (Asurie included ;) ) so I figured I'd post it.

* the thread topic was something along the line of some femanon into Bondage and the like who wanted to know what /d/ would do to her after giving a short description of herself. This is what I WOULD have posted:

I would make you strip down to nothing except for a blindfold and earplugs that I would only take out to speak to you and then strap a collar on your neck -tight- and padlock it in place. I'm not even sure if I brought the key with me, probably not, I most likely -forgot- it. I'd take a the thickest, stickiest, fattest roll of duct tape I have and wrap up your arms -pinned up flat across your back, hands on your elbows and place you in the center of the room. I’d snap a leash in place to your collar and hoist it up, forcing you to stand up perfectly straight and on your toes or you choke. And then lift one calf up and tape it firmly to its thigh so that you would now be standing leashed up on one foot with the other directly under your butt, the heel and sole exposed.

I’d take a long reed and drag it up and down your legs and make little circles on the backs of your one open knee and your other exposed heel before lifting it up high and bringing it down hard across your tender sole (the skin over the bottom of the feet and behind the knees is very sensitive to this and it will sting considerably). You yelp out in pain and I swing again and again. I tell you that if you can count to ‘10’ with each consecutive swing without missing a number between hits as I strike at you, you can come down from standing. But if you miss a number we will start all over at one. Before you can answer, I swing again and you cry out a ‘1’. Even if you don’t fuck up –but I know you will, your foot, legs, and ass are covered with fine red lines with a few thin red whelps across the back of your open knee, your tits (with at least one fine, red streak placed perfectly over a nipple), your belly and pussy. Did you stumble and choke yourself a little on your collar, you clumsy bitch? Or are you too dumb to count to ten without any fuck ups, you stupid bimbo? Regardless, you are panting now and I decide that you are taking your air for granted.

I'd rummage around in your dirty clothes (closer towards the bottom) and pull out the most ripe pair of panties I could find, no doubt with cum stains on them from when you last masturbated in them, you dirty whore. I'd put them in front of your mouth as the ripe scent wafts up into your face and tell you to "say 'AHH', little slut”. You'd shake your head and press your mouth closed but I know how to pry those pretty lips open. I'd move my free hand up and grope your breasts, rubbing all around one and then the other, thumbing at your nipples making them sensitive and ready for the next touch. I'd roll a nipple (probably the one with the sharp red lash over it from the reed)between my thumb and pointing finger back and forth before sharply pinching down, twisting you painfully until you can take no more and open your hole as I proceed to stuff it up with your sweaty, cum-smeared old panties, two pair if they fit. It tastes fowl but strangely sweet but before you can even prepare to spit it out I seal it in with more duct tape- a few good, thick layers for proper measure. I touch and pinch you, trying to elicit cute little "mmphs" from you, I LOVE the sound of your gagged cries, the knowledge that not only you, but now your words are my property.

I take you off the leash and force you down binding your other leg like the first one but now both are spread apart leaving you wide open. You are frogtied in duct tape. I pinch and hold your nose until you start to buck in my grip, becoming desperate for your precious air. I let you sample a little and tell you that if you want to breathe, you'll have to earn it. I slap you across the face, it catches you by surprise, producing another cute little “MMPH!” as you are knocked to the floor, where you belong for now anyway.

By now I’m quite hard from all the exertion of swinging and especially from your muffled, unintelligible pleas, but decide you’re not quite ready to know that. Instead, I decide to use your wet pussy and ass as personal pockets for a couple of vibrating dildos –set to low of course. What? You didn’t think I would let YOU come be for ME, did you, slave? Learn your place! Either at my feet or on my cock! I lube them up and you moan in anxiety though your thick gag as they fill up your holes; they have fresh batteries and won’t be going out any time soon. “Do you like sucking on your own cum-smeared panties?” I would say, maybe fiddling playfully with the controls of the vibrators vrrrrrr-ing away inside my new little personal pockets. No matter what you answer with behind your stuffed and taped up mouth, if at all, I’ll still say “of course you do, you little slut! It’s probably like sweet candy between your lips isn’t it? Well I have something a little sweeter for you to suck on” I pull down my pants and peel back the tape over your mouth, leaving your lips free but sticky; perfect considering that you won’t be doing anything else for a while.

I pull out the saliva soaked panties from your mouth and before you can speak any clear words I quickly replace them with something a bit fleshier. Your lips, still gluey from the tape nearly fuse to me after my throbbing hard cock shoves deeply into your mouth and down part of your throat nearly choking you. I pinch your nose again, “like I said, if you want your precious air you better damn well earn it! Now get sucking, slut. Suck for your precious air.” And you’ll suck, and suck, and suck. When I finally cum into your throat I stop holding your breath –I’d have let you sample air every once in a while to keep you encouraged but now you can breathe freely and with a job well done I give you a glass of water, wipe up your fresh sweat and juices with your panties, pack them back in your mouth making sure your tongue could get plenty of flavor out of them, tape your lips shut again with fresh tape –applying them thicker than before and around your pussy so you don’t pull or shake the vibrating dildos out somehow. I’ll rub my hands over you as you struggle helplessly in my grasp. You are like a blind and deaf little lamb, MY blind, deaf and helpless little hog.

You start to buck into me a little from the sensations and I make it clear I don’t like that but you do it again and again. I decided to give you what’s coming to you for your disobedience and lay you face down and ass up over my lap and start to spank you. I tell you to repeat various phrases after me despite the gag; I told you I like to hear you try so hard to talk through your gag and now I’m going to make you. Things like “Master’s slut is a bad little hog, a bad little bitch”, “Please punish your hog for being bad, Master”, “Please, Master, hit me harder” over and over again until your ass is a lovely shade of bright pink, or red -whatever suits me, and I decide to let you use your own words to beg me for mercy from then on. I’ll stop spanking you but until you learn to beg like a good little bitch you can enjoy me rubbing and squeezing your sore, raw cheeks, and I will not remove the gag. Go ahead; convince me to give you mercy, convince me that you deserve it –oh and I have slightly high standards so make it good.

After a while I’m satisfied with your muffled pleas and decide to put you to bed. Before I leave you for the night –oh I plan on -coming- back tomorrow, I leash you into place far away from any walls or objects to huddle or lean up against and put you into a tight hogtie. I kindly turn your vibrators up to high, leaving you bound, gagged, blind, deaf, whipped, used, spanked and moaning -no doubt in for a full night of inescapable orgasm after orgasm whether you like it or not. Sweet dreams little hoggie. Have fun.

*That in mind, I'm curious to hear... what would YOU do to her if given the chance. Also I suppose I should post other old posts I have saved, some mine/ some not mine. I think I'll do that later though. For now, it's back to writing new stuff. :mrgreen:

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Post Re: A post I never posted
Jesus man, hit the enter key from time to time! :mrgreen:

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Post Re: A post I never posted
Sorry man, I just copy/pasted it. I'll put the spacing in right now.

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