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/d/ thread Blueberry 
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Post /d/ thread Blueberry
****this was an amazing thread I took part in that developed into a nice little story.

File : 1287346480.jpg-(23 KB, 164x389, friend300.jpg)
Anonymous 10/17/10(Sun)16:14 No.3128875
Blueberry thread.
>> Anonymous 10/17/10(Sun)16:17 No.3128882
That was quick mr ban avoidance troll
>> Anonymous 10/17/10(Sun)16:36 No.3128900
File1287347795.jpg-(16 KB, 377x265, define-blueberry-1.jpg)

It was a great thread while it lasted.
>> Anonymous 10/17/10(Sun)16:44 No.3128908
Can has more?
>> Anonymous 10/17/10(Sun)16:56 No.3128922
Only pic I gots. :(
>> Flare 10/17/10(Sun)17:02 No.3128937
File1287349364.jpg-(22 KB, 175x192, 1276755167481.jpg)

is this a thread about the blueberry fruit or blueberry girls?
>> Anonymous 10/17/10(Sun)17:38 No.3128981
Blueberry girls, or girls turning into blueberries/spheres. OP related. She'd make a fabulous blueberry.
>> Anonymous 10/17/10(Sun)17:46 No.3128994
File1287352002.jpg-(199 KB, 450x338, 41778-bigthumbnail.jpg)

>> Anonymous 10/17/10(Sun)17:56 No.3129006
>> Anonymous 10/17/10(Sun)17:59 No.3129008
File1287352792.jpg-(35 KB, 450x337, blueberries.jpg)

MOAR!!! hawt!
>> Flare 10/17/10(Sun)18:00 No.3129010
File1287352825.png-(617 KB, 900x900, 128673595244.png)

>> Anonymous 10/17/10(Sun)18:07 No.3129026
Since there is no inflation content for this chick, somebody wanna write or draw? That corset is aching to pop open.
>> Flare 10/17/10(Sun)18:10 No.3129033
File1287353456.jpg-(43 KB, 400x300, 8706_85978dawn_hh.jpg)

>> Anonymous 10/17/10(Sun)18:12 No.3129036
>> Anonymous 10/17/10(Sun)18:45 No.3129095
Self bump for hopes of this.
>> Anonymous 10/17/10(Sun)19:36 No.3129184
>Oompa Loompa, Doopity doo!
>Look at what the gum has done to you!
>Oompa Loompa, Doopity Dee
>Now your growing nice and ripe just for me!
>What did you get when you chewed on the gum,
>You're blue, and you're round, and you weigh 4 >tons,
>Helpless you sit there, trying to waddle around,
>And waiting for me to roll, you, around,
>Back and forth across the floor,
>Now you roll into the factory.
>For us to hold, fondle, and squeeze.
>Perhaps you'll get some real big TITITES.
>As we, like our, female guests,
>> Flare 10/17/10(Sun)19:44 No.3129203
Ah you got this from the other blueberry thread, I made that song, glad to see people are enjoying it
>> Anonymous 10/17/10(Sun)19:46 No.3129208
Yeah, thanks. Got another verse coming, perhaps?... I mean look at this girl. She has it coming. Gotta get the most out of her before she explodes.
>> Gouger 10/17/10(Sun)19:51 No.3129215

Shit, if Tim Burton can do it why can't we? I can see it now...

Willy Wonka and the /d/ factory.
>There is no... life I know... to compare with pure imagination...
and boy has /d/ got an imagination!
>> Anonymous 10/17/10(Sun)19:52 No.3129218
Also penises!

Though adding pretty girls to turn into blueberries to the factory would be a nice job. Choosing new potential berries and "testing" them for ... stretch.
>> Gouger 10/17/10(Sun)19:57 No.3129224
mnyes... squeeze the engorged, blue tits to produce /d/elicious blueberry juice for one and all! Our newest factory line! and we'll be sure to... aquire... plenty of girls for the job!
>> Anonymous 10/17/10(Sun)19:58 No.3129228
If we have one master berry (OP chick) and siphon off her juice to force girls to drink...

Think it's contagious? Will we have a bushel soon?
>> Gouger 10/17/10(Sun)20:03 No.3129236

MNYES! I think we'll have ourselves a nice big orchard to fill supply quotas. We may need to stimulate the juice sources in order to have them produce in large quantities or force... I mean feed them proper 'nutrients' to keep up the quality of the juice.
Anything is possible in our /d/ factory!
>> Anonymous 10/17/10(Sun)20:05 No.3129237
Wanna bring forth candidates for the blueberry wing of the /d/ factory? Somebody with class and grace that can be stripped from her when she turns blue and grabs at her stomach. Uh oh!
>> Gouger 10/17/10(Sun)20:10 No.3129244

Oh damn, I know! We can send out 'invitations' in our products and some lucky girls can be drugged and dragged... er, I mean taken on a tour of the wonderful factory. They will of course have to sign a legal waiver stripping them of thier rights and giving us power of attourny... I mean, er a non-disclosure agreement (mostly fine print no need to bother reading...) saying that they won't tell anyone about what they see in the factory. Not that they'll be leaving the factory to tell anyone...
>> Anonymous 10/17/10(Sun)20:18 No.3129255
File1287361081.jpg-(132 KB, 500x779, 1265748381632.jpg)

But of course. Think this girl should get an invite? Have any others you want to send invitations to?
>> Gouger 10/17/10(Sun)20:27 No.3129271

Well, we'll obviously want stock of prime, ripe age, unspoiled would be a plus... but we should certainly 'aquire' fine beautiful specimens that look like they would plump up well around the tits if they aren't already. (Though I'm sure other physical attributes would be desired for other factory productions)
>> Anonymous 10/17/10(Sun)20:28 No.3129273
Post some prime subjects that we can use as stock, eh? The important blueberries that the others will be grown from.
>> Gouger 10/17/10(Sun)20:42 No.3129306
File1287362555.jpg-(227 KB, 1200x600, 1286833684070.jpg)

Ah here are some fine specimens now!
They'll need some work but they're good for starters. In the mean time, lets see about getting some more.
>> Anonymous 10/17/10(Sun)20:44 No.3129310
File1287362650.jpg-(230 KB, 600x800, 1256702182995.jpg)

It's alright, they'll be enormous blueberries soon enough. How about this one? Thinks he fits the bill for being a ripe blueberry?

(Never seen the show, but my goodness. Get the Oompa Loompas)
>> Young Franke- er... Willy Wonka 10/17/10(Sun)20:50 No.3129321
File1287363028.jpg-(7 KB, 275x183, young frankenstein.jpg)

What knockers!
>> Anonymous 10/17/10(Sun)20:51 No.3129322
so, you're cannes, right?
>> Gouger 10/17/10(Sun)21:00 No.3129338
File1287363614.jpg-(337 KB, 800x600, 64655e75daf0ce83905ddcdf0ebc16(...).jpg)

I found these, and they look like they're just begging to get squeezed as it is... but I think we can plump them up much better!

>loupper size,
oooo you think so too CAPTCHA?
>> Anonymous 10/17/10(Sun)21:03 No.3129342
great pic
>> Flare 10/17/10(Sun)21:03 No.3129343
File1287363836.png-(110 KB, 600x800, sketch013_by_toxickocity.png)

don't mind me, just posting content
>> Anonymous 10/17/10(Sun)21:07 No.3129353
What about this one? She looks mature enough already, but what should we do with her?
>> Gouger 10/17/10(Sun)21:09 No.3129358
File1287364140.jpg-(424 KB, 950x713, 86bb3381cb6589dd013825bdde3c1d(...).jpg)

These ones wern't so willing so we had to tie them up so they can't get away! They're not as big either... but that ok! we'll certainatly need plent of other stock for our other fine factory products. Couldn't hurt to open up a fine cream-ery would it?
>> Anonymous 10/17/10(Sun)21:09 No.3129359
You going to whip that cream?
>> Gouger 10/17/10(Sun)21:12 No.3129366

She's a PRIME specimen to be sure! If only we had more like her...
Have her sign the waiver forum and see about getting her cultivated!
>> Flare 10/17/10(Sun)21:13 No.3129367
File1287364385.jpg-(154 KB, 533x800, 7395_74759bluberrymodel.jpg)

>> Anonymous 10/17/10(Sun)21:14 No.3129373
*she signs, without knowing what it is*

Now what do we do? Total control of this young lady.
>> Gouger 10/17/10(Sun)21:25 No.3129402
File1287365116.jpg-(131 KB, 771x960, 8181b070d32846ae3050f30428a1d5(...).jpg)


I would hope so! Every creamery should produce the finest whipped cream... in ample supply. So we'll need lots of whipping in there!
>> Anonymous 10/17/10(Sun)21:26 No.3129407
Blueberry pie and whipped cream, all from the same girl! Fucking efficient.
>> Gouger 10/17/10(Sun)21:28 No.3129411
I think a nice little tour is in order don't you think? If she makes it through the tour without a 'cinch' then she can have the 'grand prize'. Now where do we visit first?
>> Gouger 10/17/10(Sun)21:29 No.3129417

Well when you've gotta keep costs low and profit high... just remember to keep up the quality in our products!
>> Flare 10/17/10(Sun)21:29 No.3129418
File1287365385.jpg-(32 KB, 175x131, reaction_image_1080.jpg)

This is relevant to my intrests
>> Anonymous 10/17/10(Sun)21:30 No.3129420
Perhaps the master blueberry room? It's where >>3128875 is located. She can see what's likely to happen to her, unless her body rejects the transformation, of course. Got another idea? Or want to show her what may be her future as an addition to the factory.
>> Gouger 10/17/10(Sun)21:39 No.3129436
File1287365986.jpg-(481 KB, 600x800, 8023430cc368ba71ea2dcce048304f(...).jpg)

(jeeze I should write a story on this, it's fucking gold material I can put it up with the rest of my works)

Ahem... what was I saying?
Ah yes, the master blueberry room I think it is an excellent place to start though let's not leave her to her final fate JUST yet. She might just make it to the 'grand prize' if she manages to keep her hands to herself throughout the tour.

Ah the master blueberry room, observe how the stock is plumpened up to lovely proportions over here with those feeding tubes and injections. Oh and how the produce is extracted by machine over there! Here, miss try a sip!
>> Anonymous 10/17/10(Sun)21:41 No.3129444

Ah, I see she loves it. Sipping the blueberry juice, it's dripping from the corner of her mouth.

What's next on the agenda? Wanna show her the "grand prize?"
>> Gouger 10/17/10(Sun)21:44 No.3129455
So soon? There's still so much time and so little to see... wait! scratch that... reverse it. Now where else? Any ideas?
>> Anonymous 10/17/10(Sun)21:48 No.3129469
Maybe have her massage the main berry? Adjust the young lady's glasses for her? Maybe a bit of smooching? While we're here, anyway, hehehheh.
>> Flare 10/17/10(Sun)21:49 No.3129472
>> Flare 10/17/10(Sun)21:53 No.3129491
let's keep this and the other inflation threads on the front page
>> Gouger 10/17/10(Sun)22:02 No.3129515
File1287367345.jpg-(307 KB, 590x800, 17b02d1fe299962d959ad871e1e7e9(...).jpg)


I see you enjoy our product very much, we're very glad, miss, very, very glad...indeed. Hm? Oh nothing, miss, don't you worry your silly little head about it! Here, see this fine specimen here? This is our main berry. What's that, it's leaking underneath? Oh that's not juice, miss, that's... er, a side effect of the stimulation we give them. You see, miss, all our stock is stimulated - quite powerfully, in order to have them produce the tastiest and most er... passionatly flavored product. Here miss, why don't you give this one a good going over while I work out some details with a few of the staff. Yes that's it miss, give it a good going over, just like a massage... yes! there, like that... now if you excuse me... oh MY, miss, I know I said to give a good going over but please, do try to keep your tongue to yourself and your clothes on. Hm? the air in here smells a bit funny? oh well miss it's just a special mixture we use to keep the berries aroused... er, I mean heavily stimulated for production. Now if you excuse me for a moment... (ooo, she seems to be enjoying the tour? where to next?)
>> Gouger 10/17/10(Sun)22:06 No.3129523
I'd like to think we can avoid turning it into spam or something that LOOKS like spam. Remember to be fair to your fellow anon and give other threads a chance, hell turn this one into something slightly more than just inflation by adding some variety, eh?
>> Anonymous 10/17/10(Sun)22:06 No.3129525
We'd better get her out of here before she decides she wants to stay! that's for later, after she's fully ripened. Maybe show her the galleries of girls who are not completely plump yet? do we have any reject berries she can decide what we can do with?
>> Gouger 10/17/10(Sun)22:17 No.3129540
File1287368235.jpg-(96 KB, 801x598, 1285555313242.jpg)


Alright miss, goodness you look worked up! I see you gave rather passionate affection in your massage... perhaps we shall continue with the tour? Don't worry miss, you can come back here after you've ripened up a bit... er I mean after you've finished the tour. This way please.

Ah here, you see our reject berries, these are the ones that just couldn't hold up to our best expectations. Yet as you can see miss, they are still quite plump. Their bodies don't produce juice as they wern't able to fully accept the cultivation process but we keep them here anyway, they are still after all the factory's stock and we can still put them to good use. What do you think miss? How might you deal with them if you were looking to optimise our product line? Here have a look at the list of fine products we offer to the general consumer. Yes miss it is a long list but just pick a few that you'd like to try out and we'll show you how they're made! It's that simple!
>> Anonymous 10/17/10(Sun)22:19 No.3129548
I see that she is pointing to blueberry pie, blueberry jam, and some hand lotions that are in the catalogue. I guess they require pulp, rather than juice? The tall blonde looks like she could be good for your example of how we deal with failures.
>> Gouger 10/17/10(Sun)22:19 No.3129549
Going for dinner and a shower and I say: fuck all else til I get back.

But I will be back, I'm going to love to see more on this as it develops!
>> Anonymous 10/17/10(Sun)22:36 No.3129574
Our story fag trolls are once again spamming /d/

>> Anonymous 10/17/10(Sun)22:53 No.3129605
I would bump more strongly, but there would be blueberry juice everywhere.
>> Anonymous 10/17/10(Sun)23:08 No.3129635
File1287371284.png-(2.05 MB, 2100x3106, 1286758900784.png)


Spam you say? I don't see any spam. I see lots of content. Image content. And lots of original writing content as well. Enjoy being called a troll while the rest of us enjoy this wonderful thread, troll. Seriously, why can't you just fap like anyone else?
Anonymous 10/17/10(Sun)23:32 No.3129698
Gouger, I don't know where you have gone, but we need to continue the tour for our guest! She is getting far too horny just staring at these failed blueberries. She needs to vent.
>> Anonymous 10/17/10(Sun)23:50 No.3129734
File1287373830.jpg-(158 KB, 860x807, 1283625664129.jpg)


(Yay, I'm popular!)
Ah, miss, I see you've been eyeing the jams, pies, and oh? the lotions! how delightful. Well now, if you'll just follow me to the jam room.

Ah now have a look at this. This is our testing room, see how they feed the jam produced in our factory to a blind test subject? We do try to maintain a certain amount of science by having blind trials... and many of them. We have many different flavors here but I believe they are comparing strawberry to blueberry... looks like fun doesn't it? Here try a sample for yourself, be careful though they are a little... strong. Good huh? Well I suppose you'd like to know how they're made. Follow me.

Ah here we go! This is our jam room. Yes those are berries rolling around down there. We can't suck the juice out of them all the time so we bring them here to rest. Their massive size makes them ideal for our slaves... er, our female employees to roll them around and 'churn' the pulpy bits into delicious jam. No work on thier part is required and best of all we continue to stimulate them as they churn the jam. Well, yes miss, that does mean they tend to drip into the jam but -between you and me, it's almost a secret ingedient! Now shall we move on?
>> Anonymous 10/17/10(Sun)23:58 No.3129741
*She follows you to the next room, whatever that may contain. She hears the somber cries of the slave blueberry girls and blushes.*

Where to next? How much longer til we add this babe to the collection? She looks like she could have some real stretch to her. *I slap her ass.*
>> Anonymous 10/18/10(Mon)00:18 No.3129768
Front Page Bump

I want to see where this goes.
>> Gouger 10/18/10(Mon)00:20 No.3129770
File1287375604.jpg-(139 KB, 600x841, 1285409470831.jpg)

(whoops. forgot my name, but yes, that's me if you weren't terribly bright enough to figure that out.)

Come along now, miss. Oh wait! Oh I have to show you this! You'll love it! This is our creamery. Here we keep a number of rejects that failed to become berries as well as plenty of other fine specimens meant solely for the creamery. As you can see, we have them hooked up to feeding tubes and forced fed... er well, supplied an extremely rich and addictive nutrient laced with a very potent drug... I mean chemical additive that enhances their milk production and thickens the product. Yes miss, that's what makes their breasts so enormous. As you can also see, they are also hooked up to our milking machines which constantly extract the milk from their bodies by whatever means necessary including very aggressive sucktion and hyper-stimulation of the specimen's body. What's that, miss? Why are the ones over there being beaten? Oh, no miss, no, they aren't being punished (well some of them are...). Haven't you ever heard about whipped cream? Here try some, it's DELICIOUS! Was it good? Here have some more! Why aren't I having any? Oh, no reason, I'm just not very hungry...
>> Anonymous 10/18/10(Mon)00:22 No.3129773
Yes the mods know the ban evasion story trolls are attacking many 4chan forums
>> Anonymous 10/18/10(Mon)00:23 No.3129777
Would you say it's time to bring our lovely guest to her resting chamber? Then the transformation can begin, of course. That purple button down of hers has outlived its usefullness, I think we need to make it snap from her. Same with the lovely white pants.

Shall we begin? She seems rather submissive after all that juice, pulp, and cream.
>> Anonymous 10/18/10(Mon)00:37 No.3129790
Dat submissiveness
>> Gouger 10/18/10(Mon)00:41 No.3129803
File1287376895.jpg-(166 KB, 860x1211, 1285737541711.jpg)


Miss? Are you alright? You look a little dozey there. Perhaps you've had a bit too much drug... er, sweets... *cough*. Well no need to fret miss, the tour is nearly over we'll just make one quick visit to the lotion room and then you can collect your prize! You do want the grand prize don't you miss? Now come along and do try to refrain from touching yourself. What? Go ahead and blush miss but I saw you reach down quite a few times... now this way please.

Ah the lotion room, here we keep the last of the rejects. These are the stock that couldn't become berries, they couldn't become reliable milk producers so we have them in here. As you can see we have rows upon rows of them. Their only purpose is to be powerfully stimulated in order to produce the key ingredient in our lotion products. Yes miss, their drippings... goodness, well I suppose your drippings too, I do hope you try to refrain from further unauthorized touching in the future. Unauthorized? Yes miss, I may have slipped my words up before, but the tour is over now. Are you ready to recieve your prize? Good girl... follow me.
>> Anonymous 10/18/10(Mon)00:47 No.3129813
*The girl bites her lip and blushes, following you to the grand prize. Her nethers tingle as you get closer and closer to the prize, which she doesn't know what it could be. She's in for a BIG surprise, however.*

Ah, my friend, looks like she is ready. The sweets she ingested have helped to make her docile and submissive. *I kiss her and she immediately returns it, grabbing my crotch* See? She'll do whatever we desire from her.

What next?
>> Anonymous 10/18/10(Mon)00:57 No.3129835
>> Gouger 10/18/10(Mon)01:02 No.3129846
File1287378175.jpg-(491 KB, 1130x1600, 1281250702339.jpg)

Well, here we are, slut, back at the beginning. Yes I called you a slut and that's what you are. You've been gulping down all the richest and intoxicating products in the factory like a greedy little hog. Even the air you're breathing has been imparing your judgement and turning you into a perfect, submissive and obedient new slave. Oh it's not so bad! Think of all the fun you'll have, and it will be fun, we'll make sure of it! What? We can't do this? Actually we can. That waiver you signed earlier? You probably should have read the fine print because now we have your consent, your power of attourney, even your property and bank accounts are ours to drain dry. Oh quit complaining. Here have a nice thick rubber muzzle! No need to speak anymore and I think you've had your fill of sweets for today. See how easy you are to control? You can barely move! And if I'm not mistaken you've plumped up considerably in just the past few minutes. What's this? Oooo looks like a little patch of lovely purple and I'm quite certain that it's not a bruise. Looks like your body is well on it's way onto becomming a ripe, fat, JUICEY berry. And with knockers like those I know you'll be a splendid one! There is always a chance that the process won't complete itself and your body will reject it but in the mean time why don't you lose those clothes. Here let me help you, I'll even do the same. Are you ready to collect your 'grand prize'? Come on now, slut, you've been wet for it for a while now so let's spread those legs apart and give YOU a nice going over with the 'grand prize'. It'll be a while before the process is done but I think you can still enjoy your prize plenty before then! I think we both will.
>> Gouger 10/18/10(Mon)01:06 No.3129856
What? You didn't think she was going to inherit the factory did you?
>> Anonymous 10/18/10(Mon)01:06 No.3129858
*The pretty girl nods and blushes, grabbing her immense breasts and squeezing them together for you, puckering her lips. She is at your command. Her belly starts to plumpen a bit, getting wider and rounder, and her arms and legs are thickening slightly. Her body is a completely blue, now. Her DNA is changing, and we can all tell she's going to get BIG.*

Say, friend, if her body rejects the transformation after she's already spherical, are we just going to pop her? Otherwise she won't be of much use to us. The bigger she is if she rejects it, the less likely it is to save her for one of the other purposes. She's going to be a Master Grade berry, right? A breeder?
>> Gouger 10/18/10(Mon)01:12 No.3129868
I imagine that the process will either go all the way or not very far. But I have a feeling that she'll become an excellent berry. Maybe even become the main berry! How delicious!

for anyone whos interested my other stuff can be found on

inb4 oh look he's spamming that site again. I don't know who that is but it's really annoying.
Anonymous 10/18/10(Mon)01:13 No.3129873
I have to go to bed, I have work in the morning. Would somebody else care to continue?

*I pump the girls breasts and watch her face turn dark blue with blush*

Hopefully by tomorrow I will have a blueberry to roll around.
>> Gouger 10/18/10(Mon)01:16 No.3129879
I think that is a lovely place to leave it. Let's let the reader imagine the rest. Besides, I too, must be off to bed (it's 1:15 and I have to get up at 5 D:> )

****sorry that the images aren't included... it's a real bummer since they went along very nicely with the posts but I have the thread WITH the images saved and will make it available as soon as I learn how to upload a file to the site. Otherwise I'll just post a megaupload link to it later.

Also I appologise in advance if it's difficult to read. Again I'll upload the actual file if and when I can which is much easier to go through.

Mon Oct 18, 2010 9:43 pm
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Post Re: /d/ thread Blueberry
Try uploading a file or two and let me know if it's too hard or something.

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